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Name:Evaluation and management of occupational risks faced by municipal police officers in the context of adopted safety measures
Project ID:06-2020-VÚBP
Project ledaer:Ing. Petr Polák, MBA
Grant Provider:Ministerstvo práce a sociálních věcí
Co-Principal investigater:
Project leader-external:
Project start:01/2020
Project end:12/2021
Description:The aim of the research task is to analyse the current status of setting the evaluation and management of work risks faced by municipal police officers involved in direct duty with regard to the possibility of occupational injuries and occupational diseases, but also at a general level, when investigation will focus on how to reduce the impacts of emerging risks. The aim will be to propose possible changes to the system, related regulations and standards, as well as recommendations for employers. This research task will be dealt with in professional connection with the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and in cooperation with a selected professional entity in this field.