Risk Research and Management

Is an open multidisciplinary workplace that cooperates with other research institutes, research organizations, universities, the application sector, industry and individual experts in a wide range of its risk-related activities. A significant part of the workplace’s activities is carried out in the Regional Office of the Research Institute of Agricultural Research in Ostrava.

The department has the following mission:

  • Support and expand the activities of the parent workplace, VÚBP Praha, including strengthening its international dimension.
  • To carry out research and development aimed at understanding, understanding and managing risks arising from work activities, especially current ones and with significant social relevance.
  • Support the building of professional capacity in OSH and related areas of health and safety, environmental protection, prosperity and quality of life.
  • Provide professional growth opportunities for promising young researchers, mentoring top individuals.
  • Achieve long-term sustainability.


prof. RNDr. Pavel Danihelka, CSc.
tel.: +420 221 015 844
e-mail: danihelka@vubp.cz