Practical procedure

The practical procedure for assessing the conformity of personal protective equipment in OS 1024 is fully compatible with other European Union countries.

The following table briefly describes this procedure and is accompanied by some downloadable forms.

Procedure for testing and certification of PPE Download
1 A notified body may not issue a certificate for the testing and certification of category I PPE. Upon agreement we can offer the manufacturer the appropriate tests.

By means of an order for testing, it is possible to order various tests for PPE or DSK in general. The order form allows their specification.

Order for tests

icon Order for tests

2 For testing and certification of PPE II. and III. category the customer submits an application for EU type examination.

In the application it is necessary to specify the product category, protective properties, method of conformity assessment, etc. The customer also supplies the technical documentation of the product to the required extent. The requirement that the EU-type examination certificate be issued in the English version may also be indicated.

icon Application CE

icon Application CE

3 OS 1024 will prepare a draft contract for the examination of the type of personal protective equipment, which includes, inter alia, the scope of tests, information on subcontracting, deadlines, price and the manufacturer’s obligation to use the certificate.  
4 The customer has the option to contract express agreement with the OS it is possible to supplement the contract and then signed by both parties.  
5 The customer completes the documentation according to the requirements of OS 1024, supplies samples in the agreed scope. If agreed, they will pay a deposit for testing.  
6 OS 1024 assesses the documentation, performs the tests and draws up the test report.  
7 OS 1024 evaluates the test results in the final certification report.  
8 After payment, OS 1024 submits the test report and the final certification report to the customer. If the product meets the requirements * of Regulation (EU) 2016/425, the OS will issue an EU-type examination certificate to the customer. The certificate is issued in the Czech version, on request also in the English version and is valid (together with the final report, which is an integral part of it) in the Czech Republic and in the European Union countries.  
9 On the basis of the technical documentation of the product, the test report, the final certification report and the EU-type examination certificate, the manufacturer (authorized representative) shall draw up an EU declaration of conformity. This declaration is to be attached to the product manual or, where applicable, to the Internet address where the EU declaration of conformity can be obtained. The graphic form of the declaration of conformity is the CE marking which must be affixed to each PPE. In the case of category III PPE, this must be supplemented by the number of the notified body carrying out the inspection. icon EU declaration of conformity form

icon CE marking

10 For PPE of the third category, the manufacturer (authorized representative) shall, at regular annual intervals, request the notified body chosen to carry out checks either in Module C2 (Annex VII to Regulation (EU) 2016/425) or in Module D (Annex VIII to Regulation (EU) 2016/425). The manufacturer (importer) places the resulting reports on these inspections in his documentation, which serves as a basis for the declaration of conformity. Non-compliance with annual inspections of PPE in III. category is a serious violation of the manufacturer’s obligations! icon Application C2

icon Application C2

11 In the event that the manufacturer modifies the approved type, changes the state of the art or expires (no earlier than 12 months and no later than 6 months before the expiry date), the manufacturer shall request a review of the EU-type examination certificate. icon Application review CE

icon Application review CE

* If the product does not meet the requirements of the technical regulation, the OS will refuse to issue a certificate until all non-conformities have been rectified and their correction has been verified.

The customer may appeal against the certification result. It shall do so in writing and state the reasons for the appeal. Appeals against procedures and decisions must be filed in writing to the OS. Complaints and objections may be raised within 15 days of the issuance, suspension or withdrawal of the certificate. Appeal of complaints and disputes are settled by the head of the OS within 30 days.

The following table lists the specialists for each group of personal protective equipment that you can contact if necessary.

Head protection: Ing. Jaroslav Hölzel 221 015 831
Respiratory protection: Ing. Lukáš Zavřel 221 015 830
Hand protection: Ing. Martina Dobrovodská 221 015 831
Body protection: Ing. Martina Dobrovodská 221 015 841
Mechanical tests: Ing. Jaroslav Hölzel 221 015 831
Electrical and thermal tests: Ing. Karel Burjánek 221 015 883