Work Pace and Workload

In determining the amount of work required and the pace of work, the employer, in accordance with the Labor Code, shall take into account the physiological and neuropsychological capabilities of the employee, the regulations to ensure health and safety at work and time for natural needs, food and rest.

The pace of each employee’s pace of work varies and is an essential condition that must be taken into account when determining the amount of work. The work assigned, the workplace of the employee and the system of work organization must correspond to the physiological and neuropsychological possibilities of the employee.

Inadequacy or inconsistency between the requirements of the job, pace, ability and characteristics of the employee may result in safety and health risks for both the organization and the employee.

Activities of the specialized workplace:

  • Assessing the adequacy of determining the amount of work and pace of work to a particular job position in the workplace, based on the needs of public authorities
  • Support for the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in adjustments, amendments and specifications of the relevant legislative requirements
  • Management and acquisition of data on individual work positions / professions at workplaces
  • Consultations for employers, employees’ representatives in the field of OSH and trade unions in this field


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