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Name:Violence at workplaces in health and social services in the Czech Republic
Project ID:1J013/04 DP1
Project Leader:Ing. Miloš Paleček, CSc.
Grant Provider:Ministerstvo práce a sociálních věcí
Co-Principal investigater:
Project leader-external:
Project start:07/2004
Project end:07/2006
Description:The aim of the project is to objectify the problems and causes of violence at workplaces of health and social services in the context of ongoing social changes (modernization of society) and related reforms of both examined segments of public services. The growth of violence in general and also at the workplace is a worrying phenomenon worldwide. Objectivization of its causes is seen as one of the solutions to this social problem. The research and related analyses use sociological quantitative and qualitative methods (standardized questionnaire surveys, focus groups), methods of policy analysis and secondary analysis. The project is based on the broader concept of violence at workplaces not only in terms of endangering workers in interaction with patients and clients, but also addresses the external and internal context of working conditions (organization and financing of services, management processes).