VizuS is a web application that aims to visualize semantic links between professional entries in the OSH Encyclopaedia. Using graphical methods, this visualization tool allows the user to understand the terminological and semantic links and connections among the various areas of health and safety and to gain an overview of this issue.

The web application is the result of a research project for the development of the research organization TIMPSV0003 Visualization of the Encyclopedia of Occupational Safety and Health – development of a web application for depicting semantic links in the field of occupational safety and health, which was addressed by the Occupational Safety Research Institute from May 2018 till February 2020 with the financial support of Technology Agency of the Czech Republic within the BETA2 program.

Another output of the project is a methodology that provides recommendations on how to proceed in the processing of EBOZP encyclopedic entries, and how to manage and update the web application.

Application operator: Occupational Safety Research Institute.