The specialized portal is a national information source dedicated to the issue of occupational safety and health (OSH) with a focus on the business sector, state administration and self-government, professional public and other users, especially among small and medium-sized enterprises. Its main objective is to provide comprehensive information, including information sources in the field of OSH available on the Internet.

The portal offers:

  • up-to-date OSH information: overviews of newly issued legal regulations, standards (Czech and EU) and journal articles, reviews of monographs, a calendar of upcoming events and many more
  • articles on various OSH topics or related topics
  • expert opinions and advice
  • exchange of experience
  • examples of good practice
  • links to important sources of information on OSH (Digital OSH Archive, OSH Encyclopaedia,…)
  • practical information on OSH for small and medium-sized enterprises and self-employed
  • information from the field of OSH research (science and research projects, outputs of science and research, specialized articles).

Portal operator: Occupational Safety Research Institute