Library of the Occupational Safety Research Institute (hereinafter also VÚBP) is a specialized library which has specialized in the field of occupational safety and health protection (OSH) since its establishment. Over time, other areas related to or connected with OSH, such as ergonomics, work culture, safety culture, quality of life, fire protection, etc., have been added to this area, as well as those that have brought about changes in the labour inspection sector (e.g. labour relations, working conditions, agency employment, etc.). After 2000, when VÚBP was entrusted with the function of a specialized workplace for the needs of the state administration in the area of documentation prepared under the Act on prevention of major accidents, the library collection has been profiled also with regard to this expertise.

The library collection consists of printed, electronic and digitized documents.

The library collection currently contains:

  • books (about 20,000 titles),
  • professional Czech and foreign periodicals (currently 32 titles subscribed; 132 titles published by Czech and foreign journals in total),
  • standards (ČSN, EN, ISO) and legal regulations (CR, ES/EU),
  • CD and DVD collection,
  • research reports (reports from research carried out by the Occupational Safety Research Institute).

Part of the library collection (articles from the Official Journal of the European Communities, legislation of the Czech Republic and research articles) is accessible in full text also for external users through the Digital OHS Archive, which also contains types of documents such as books, articles, standards, student works, internal documents, magazines and research reports). The digital archive, together with the online catalogue of the Tritius library system, is a source of information on the VÚBP library collection and on individual documents. Use of the library collection is possible within the offer of library services.


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