Lending services

All documents are lent only on-site to the study room. On-site services are provided by the library during business hours for the public or by appointment.

Library opening hours:

daily 9 am – 2 pm

Visiting the library outside this time is possible by individual agreement on tel.: 221 015 836 or by e-mail: knihovna@vubp.cz.

Reservation of documents for study room

Within the on-site loan services it is possible to make a reservation of the requested document and at the same time to reserve a seat in the study room.


Conditions and rules for using the study room are communicated individually to those interested in on-site services.

Interlibrary Loan Service

Interlibrary Loan Service (MVS) is provided for all libraries and information centres in the Czech Republic. It is possible to apply for a loan from the VÚBP library as follows:

  • using a form “MVS request” sent to the VÚBP address;
  • or in a digital form to e-mail: knihovna@vubp.cz.

Out-of-Prague libraries are sent the requested publications by mail, Prague libraries take over the loan in person (using a library member card) and are informed about the reservation by e-mail or telephone. Research reports and valuable materials can be viewed only on site.

Library unique identification (“sigla”): ABC 034