Profile of OSRI

The Occupational Safety Research Institute (hereinafter OSRI) is, according to Act No. 341/2005 Coll., On Public Research Institutions, a public research institution established by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic.

The purpose of the OSRI, is to carry out research in the field of occupational safety and health and the fulfillment of tasks arising from the ILO Conventions, applicable OHS legislation, the requirements of the Council of the European Union and the European Commission, the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, Eurostat, and from the needs of the founder and labor inspection.

OSRI has committed itself to the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers. This step started the process of obtaining the HR Excellence in Research Award. The Occupational Safety Research Institute became the holder of the prestigious HR Award on December 9, 2021 and at the same time it gained the right to use the HR Award logo.

The main activity of OSRI is the research, verification and application of methods and means in the area of ​​prevention of risks to health and lives of persons, environment and material goods resulting from work activities and improvement of working comfort and quality of working life. It also deals with operational research, ie monitoring the status and development of occupational health and safety, maintaining data and statistics in the field of occupational safety and health. It serves as an analytical and conceptual workplace in the field of occupational health and safety.

The subject of further activities of OSRI is the development and operation of factual, bibliographic and intelligence information systems in the field of OSH, fulfilling tasks in the field of standardization, conformity assessment and certification, fulfilling tasks of a specialized workplace for prevention and promotion of health and safety at work, fulfilling the function of advisory and consulting center and expert activity in the area of ​​occupational health and safety.

The scope of other activities of OSRI is related to scientific, research and development activities and activities aimed at more efficient use of human resources and assets of the institution. These are mainly expert advisory, consultancy and information activities in the areas of the Institute, publishing, training and educational activities, surveys and consultancy in the field of OHS and human resources, certification and quality assessment of programs and services in the field of the Institute, provision and organization of professional and educational events.