Safety and health protection in schools

Dedicated website School Safety and Health Protection to help with:

  • ensuring the safety of children, pupils and students in schools and
  • education and upbringing of children and young people in the field of risk prevention, accident prevention, health protection and personal safety, incl. safety and health protection in work-related activities.

The site offers orientation to teachers of all levels of education in the issue of safety of children, pupils and students in education and upbringing and activities directly related to it, as well as in the issue of accident prevention. Educators will find relevant legislation or useful links here. In particular, primary, secondary/grammar school and vocational education teachers are provided with methodological guidelines, informational, methodological, didactic and other materials for effective fulfillment of educational goals in upbringing for safe and non-hazardous behaviour of children and youth and for expanding teachers’ knowledge and competencies to protect the health of the young generation.

The site also addresses children, pupils and students and their parents. They can also draw information and advice on personality development on the website, get acquainted with the principles of good behaviour and action and gain the necessary awareness and overview of what constitutes a health risk in everyday and working life, how to avoid the risk and how to prevent injuries or other damage to health.

Website operator: Occupational Safety Research Institute