mapisMajor Accident Prevention Information System (MAPIS) – the integrated information and knowledge system, as a public information source, aims to gather relevant information from the area of ​​risks of occurrence of undesirable events to major accidents as well as from the related area into a database system. The system offers information and space especially to operators of buildings, structures and facilities within the meaning of Act No. 59/2006 Coll., on prevention of major accidents, as amended, to the public authorities, universities, professionals and the general public, and other stakeholders seeking information generally on risk, prevention and reduction of environmental risks, as well as on the working environment, safety of operation of industrial and non-industrial technology, education, and other areas. It offers legislative, methodological, recommended and other professional materials and other relevant resources related to the issue of major accident prevention. It also provides questions and answers, opinions and suggestions as well as contributions to discussions on professional issues and enables the stakeholders to work with the obtained information effectively without the need for special authorizations.

The MAPIS integrated information and knowledge system is operated by a specialized workplace called the Centre for Prevention and Reduction of Major Accident Risks, which was built with the support of the European Union in order to solve fundamental tasks in this area at the nationwide level. This Centre expands the activities of the existing specialized workplace for the prevention of major accidents.

Support for the construction of MAPIS was provided under the Operational Program ‘Environment’, Priority Axis 5 – Limitation of Industrial Pollution and Environmental Risks (ERDF), Area of Intervention 5.1 – Reduction of Industrial Pollution. Support from the State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic was provided under Act No. 388/1991 Coll., on the State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic, as amended.

Operator: Occupational Safety Research Institute