OSH Regions

The web application BOZP Kraje (Occupational Safety and Health) uses freely available open data sets, which are processed in the local data catalogue, and enables their visualization in the form of various thematic dashboards. Dashboards process statistical data that affect the area of occupational safety and health (OSH), both at the level of the entire Czech Republic, but also at the level of individual regions of the Czech Republic.

These are mainly occupational accidents, occupational diseases, inspection activities, etc. The visualized data provide the user with comprehensive statistical information for the given geographical areas. The data can serve as a background material for users in the creation of various strategic documents that address health and safety issues in practice. The OSH of the Regions application uses 2 software platforms, the CKAN for the creation of a local catalogue of open data, which forms the database for data visualizations, and the Tableau, which is used for data analysis and the creation of visualization dashboards.

The web application is the result of research task V03-S4 Development of a web application based on an open data platform on occupational safety and health (OSH), addressed by the Occupational Safety Research Institute in 2019-2020 within the institutional support of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

If you are interested in cooperating in sharing your data in an open format, that is related to the prevention of occupational and health risks, do not hesitate to contact us at opendata@vubp.cz.

Application operator: Occupational Safety Research Institute.