OSH Knowledge System

zsbozpThe Knowledge System for Risk Prevention in OSH (ZS BOZP) is a tool used to share knowledge and information related to OSH risk prevention. ZSBOZP is the outcome of the project TB03MPSV007 “Development of OSH knowledge systems as an important tool for risk prevention”, which from September 2014 to August 2016 was dealt with by the Occupational Safety Research Institute with the financial support of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (BETA program). ZSBOZP is implemented in the open-source environment of the Joomla! content management system. ZSBOZP is interconnected with other systems of the source base of OSH, namely the OSH EncyclopaediaSAFE – Digital OSH Archive; and BOZPinfo.cz portal.

The content of the system consists of the following topics at two user levels:

Level for state administration

  • Awards in the field of OSH – awards in competitions and programs;
  • Work injury rate – statistics of work injury rate in the Czech Republic;
  • Occupational diseases – statistical overviews and analyses of occupational diseases and danger of occupational diseases reported to the National Health Register of Occupational Diseases;
  • OSH studies and analyses – inspirational domestic and foreign materials analysing various aspects of OSH;
  • National OSH policy – strategic goals, concepts and materials in the field of OSH in Czech Republic policy; national policies, national action programs, etc.;
  • European OSH strategies – EU framework strategies for safety and health at work, and other European materials;
  • OSH Encyclopaedia – an online multilingual tool for better orientation in OSH terminology;
  • SAFE – Digital OSH Archive – storage of various types of OSH documents.

Level for professional public

  • OSH in general – obligations of employers and employees, legal obligations of legal parties in the field of OSH, persons providing OSH at the workplace, OSH training;
  • OSH management – OSH management at a company level, OSH management systems;
  • Risk prevention – risks and dangers, persons competent in risk prevention, personal protective equipment, safety signs, emergencies;
  • Health protection – occupational diseases, work injuries, work hygiene, work categorization, occupational health care;
  • Working conditions – working hours, specific groups of employees (young workers, older workers, women, disabled workers, foreigners); agency employment;
  • Working environment – risk factors, field/industry, ergonomics;
  • Safety of technical equipment – safety of machinery and equipment, dedicated technical equipment, hand tools, machinery and equipment;
  • Labour inspection – competences of labour inspection authorities, findings from inspections.

ZSBOZP operator: Occupational Safety Research Institute