Major Accident Prevention

  • Current changes to Decree No. 227/2015 Coll.
  • Legal Framework
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  • Major Accident Prevenction contact points
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Major Accident Prevention Department

The Ministry of the Environment commissioned Major Accident Prevention Department to process the assessments and evaluation of safety documents (Safety Programmes, Safety Reports, Risk Assessment) prepared by operators of an establishment under the Act No 224/2015 Coll. conserning prevention of major accidents caused by selected dangerous chemical substances or chemical mixtures (Major Accident Prevention Act).

Main activities of the department:

  • assessment and evaluation of the completeness and professional accuracy of safety documents in accordance with the Major Accident Prevention Act
  • training of some bodies of state administration to carry out activities arising from the Major Accident Prevention Act
  • advisory activities

Department provides:

a) Information about the Major Accident Prevention Act

b) Interpretation of queries and problems

c) Major Accident Prevention Guidelines

d) Contact points overview

(e) Overview of literature and the sources of information in MAP field


Ing. Martina Pražáková
tel.: 221 015 886
e-mail: nebo

Ing. Vilém Sluka
tel.: 221 015 865