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Name:Determination of methods for assessing urban climate, especially the heat island, identification of procedures and proposal of measures to reduce the negative impacts of meteorological extremes on inhabitants and the environment, especially in large urban agglomerations (TOM)
Project ID:VH20202021052
Project Leader:prof. RNDr. Pavel Danihelka, CSc.
Grant Provider:Ministerstvo vnitra České republiky
Co-Principal investigater:Výzkumný ústav bezpečnosti práce, v. v. i.
Project leader-external:
Project start:07/2020
Project end:12/2021
Description:A city's heat island is a function of meteorological factors (air temperature, precipitation, solar radiation, cloud cover, airflow, evapotranspiration) and the character of the city itself. Compared to rural landscapes, temperatures in cities can be up to 10 °C higher at night, which has direct implications not only for human health but also for economic consequences. There is an increase in exposure both in terms of the number of people exposed and the duration of exposure. The aim of the project is to analyse these factors and to propose appropriate prevention and mitigation strategies.