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Name:New approaches for statistics production and improvement of OSH information base
Project ID:VUS4_03_VUBP
Project ledaer:Ing. Aneta Živná Kavalierová
Grant Provider:Ministerstvo práce a sociálních věcí
Co-Principal investigater:
Project leader-external:
Project start:02/2018
Project end:12/2020
Description:Within the EU and also in the Czech Republic, more and more emphasis is placed on effective collection of statistical data; the same applies to the area of OSH. In connection with changes in the working sphere, the advent of new technologies and processes, it is therefore important to obtain more objective, better quality information on the issue of OSH and related quality of working life. It is therefore necessary to identify, create, supplement and subsequently put into practice appropriate tools for monitoring the area in question. Overall, for the development of conceptual and strategic materials, it is crucial to collect reliable, timely and comparable statistics on accidents at work and occupational diseases, workplace exposure and work-related illnesses, and to analyse costs and benefits in the area of OSH. The aim and the purpose therefore is to strive for a better, more efficient data identification and collection and development of common approaches to the OSH actors concerned so that more efficient procedures, regulatory mechanisms and supervisory activities can be implemented, while taking due consideration of corresponding administrative costs for businesses and national administration bodies. The aim of the research activities will be to prepare a design of a model for the collection and monitoring of relevant data related to OSH.