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Name:Setting up requirements for knowledge of secondary school teachers for quality and effective education of pupils in OSH
Project ID:VUS4_05_VÚBP
Project ledaer:PhDr. Irena Kuhnová
Grant Provider:Ministerstvo práce a sociálních věcí
Co-Principal investigater:
Project leader-external:
Project start:01/2018
Project end:12/2019
Description:According to the framework educational programmes for educational fields of secondary vocational education, occupational safety and health (OSH) belong among a number of professional competences that are required for the pursuit of the profession and which the pupils should acquire during their studies. The development of professional competences of pupils (future workforce) in OSH is dependent on the professional knowledge of teachers. Given that the labour market is constantly changing and the demand on staff is increasing, it is crucial to strengthen training in this direction, which will help eliminate the risks for the young generation commencing their work life. As a consequence, it is necessary to state that OSH is not a separate subject of education; it does not belong to educational areas or to cross-curricular topics of secondary vocational education, and it is therefore difficult to identify the relevant qualification of a teacher or at least his or her expertise. It is also problematic to ascertain or test his or her initial or current knowledge in this field of expertise when, among other things, the specific requirements are not known. The main objective of this research task is to identify and determine the core knowledge requirements of secondary school teachers based on the analyses carried out in order for them to be able to influence their pupils, raise their awareness of the importance of occupational safety and thus contribute to eliminating risks and promoting the OSH process upon the commencement of their work life.

Recenzovaný článek v odborném časopise JOSRA: Znalosti učitelů pro vzdělávání žáků v BOZP - Výsledky průzkumu na vybraných fakultách připravujících učitele Olomouckého, Moravskoslezského a Jihomoravského kraje,

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