Archive of completed projects

Name:Ergonomic stressors and risks, their prevention in work activities using a holistic approach
Project ID:TB03MPSV008
Project Leader:RNDr. Stanislav Malý, Ph.D. DBA
Grant Provider:Technologická agentura České republiky
Co-Principal investigater:
Project leader-external:
Project start:04/2015
Project end:09/2016
Description:The aim of the project is to gain knowledge and experience in the theory and practice of the relationship between health and work, including desirable and appropriate ways of adapting working conditions to the needs of the person, i.e. taking into account their anatomical, anthropometric, physiological, psychophysiological characteristics and psychological abilities. For this purpose, a comprehensive methodological material will be developed for the dissemination and implementation of the project results in practice.

Hneleg – Ergonomické stresory a rizika, jejich prevence v pracovních činnostech.

O – Ergonomické stresory pod kontrolou (publikace).

O – Ergonomické stresory a rizika s důrazem na problematiku muskuloskeletálních onemocnění (odborný článek)