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Name:Supporting the development of professional competences of the future workforce for occupational safety and health
Project ID:TIMPSV0007
Parent:Inovativní řešení skupiny potřeb v oblasti optimalizace předpisů, postupů a opatření BOZP včetně diseminačních opatření
Project Leader:PhDr. Irena Kuhnová
Grant Provider:Technologická agentura České republiky
Co-Principal investigater:
Project leader-external:
Project start:06/2018
Project end:05/2020
Description:The main objective of the research need is to support the provision of education for pupils of secondary vocational and apprentice schools in occupational safety and health. According to the framework educational programmes for educational fields of secondary vocational education, occupational safety and health belong among a number of competences that are required for the pursuit of the profession and which the pupils should acquire during their studies. According to the European Agency for Occupational Safety and Health, health and lives of young workers under 26 are particularly vulnerable as the young workers lack experience, adequate professional training and the necessary knowledge, including knowledge from the area of OSH. The research need responds to the fact that in secondary vocational schools and apprentice schools, OSH is not an independent subject and does not belong to educational areas or cross-curricular topics of secondary vocational education. Given the current organization and way of teaching young people in preparation for their first job, OSH education cannot be considered adequate and is not therefore a full-fledged part of the training of the future workforce. By addressing the issue of the development of OSH professional competences at the level of secondary vocational education, the research need can successfully address the need for reducing the number of work-related accidents and increasing the safety of workers and, above all, workers under 26 years of age.

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