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Name:Ergonomic solutions for designing a workplace for people with disabilities
Project ID:HR184/09
Project Leader:RNDr. Stanislav Malý, Ph.D. DBA
Grant Provider:Ministerstvo práce a sociálních věcí
Co-Principal investigater:
Project leader-external:
Project start:07/2009
Project end:12/2009
Description:The aim of the project is to elaborate requirements based on professional knowledge and experience in the field of ergonomics to design a workplace for people with disabilities. The results of the research will be published and will bring information especially for employers and labour authorities about the possibilities of ergonomic designs of workplaces for people with various disabilities; at the same time, they will constitute a suitable professional aid for employers in addressing this issue. Last but not least, they should motivate employers and future employees to broaden the integration of people with disabilities into the normal labour market.