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Name:Safety training for practical life
Project ID:2022-2-SK01-KA210-ADU-000095920
Project Leader:
Grant Provider:Evropská komise, Erasmus+
Co-Principal investigater:Výzkumný ústav bezpečnosti práce, v. v. i.
Project leader-external:
Project start:03/2023
Project end:07/2024
Description:Eliminating the fear of providing first aid in the workplace by employees. Reducing the number of accidents at the workplace. Increasing practical skills in providing first aid. Increasing the motivation of first aid training. Making occupational safety and first aid training more attractive. The target group of the project are adults - company employees - first aid training participants who will be actively involved in the training using the methodology used.

The employees of enterprises and companies will receive a workbook at first aid training led by trained trainers in the project, as well as access to a website with material and podcasts. The secondary group consists of first aid trainers and work safety trainers. The tertiary group will be the public and other work safety trainers and first aid trainers which can be educated in providing first aid in the form of videos and podcasts. The target group includes implementation teams (coordinators and lecturers) from Slovakia from Slovak Red Cross Žilina (SRC) and from the Czech Republic from OSRI. At the joint all-day workshop, we will have enough space to share impressions, ideas, observations for improvement.

The Slovak Red Cross has been promoting quality education in the provision of first aid for a long time. We apply practical training in every first aid course because practical skills give people the confidence to give first aid well. Many people are afraid to provide first aid in a crisis event. Many people say that it can harm the victim's health when providing first aid. Therefore, many prefer to call first aid, but do not actually provide first aid. Our goal is to practically and interactively teach first aid, especially for employees at the workplace, so that they can effectively provide first aid. Our effort is to use effective tools in first aid training so that people in companies are not afraid to save the human life of another person.