Risk Prevention and Ergonomics

Ensures and is responsible especially for research and professional activities in solving tasks resulting from the concept of research and development in the field of occupational health and safety, and also offers commercial services in the area of ​​risk prevention, industrial safety, ergonomics, occupational psychology etc. and participates in educational, training and consulting activities in these areas.

The department focuses on the following activities:

  • Risk analysis and assessment in the workplace
  • Evaluation of working conditions and working environment
  • Ergonomic design of workplaces
  • Assessment of reliability and error of human factor in the performance of specified activities
  • External audits in the field of OHS, crisis management and accident prevention, including environmental aspects and for the purposes of the Safe Enterprise program
  • Modeling of the range of harmful concentrations of hazardous chemicals in the atmosphere
  • Elaboration of company directives to ensure OSH and operation of OSH system in the company
  • Consultancy in the creation of instructions for use in the area of ​​ensuring occupational safety and in the development of operating rules and regulations for manufacturing operations
  • Design and realization of safety marking of production plants
  • Comprehensive services in risk prevention, OSH and FP


RNDr. Stanislav Malý, Ph.D. DBA
tel.: +420 221 015 844
e-mail: maly@vubp.cz