Certificate lists

Notified bodies (formerly authorized persons) active in the field of personal protective equipment have established and maintain, in coordination, a common database of certificates issued in the framework of conformity assessment according to the currently valid regulations. The database is managed by VÚBP-OS 1024. The update is usually carried out twice a year, following coordination meetings, when individual OSs submit lists of new certificates. Therefore, the newer certificate lists may not be completely complete.

The database contains mainly certificates issued for PPE belonging to category II or III, so-called EC / EU type-examination certificates (in the type of certificate section they are marked as “EC”). Certificates issued for PPE in II. and III. category before the accession of the Czech Republic to the EU, but assessed according to then valid European procedures (in the type of certificate are marked as “type”).

In addition, there are cases where a manufacturer of a personal protective equipment falling under category I requires testing and assessment by a third party. Such PPE cannot be assessed by an institution under its authorization or notification and no EC / EU type-examination certificate can be issued. In this case, the individual testing laboratories can perform the necessary tests at the customer’s request and the competent institutions issue a general certificate of conformity with the specified specifications within their competence (in the type of certificate section they are marked as “general”). Where these certificates are issued, they are also included in the database, even if they are not issued by an authorized person / notified body.

Even if the above restrictions are accepted, the following certificate lists should be understood as informative and no legal consequences can be derived from them.

Here is a list of certificates updated from the data available in October 2020 (next update of the list of certificates is suspended):

Přehled certifikátů vydaných oznámenými subjekty pro OOP od roku 1997