Certification procedure

In the field of temporary building structures, VÚBP, v. I. Provides testing of the following product groups:

  • facade scaffolding
  • mobile and free-standing scaffolding
  • support scaffolding
  • props, beams and towers
  • scaffolding couplings
  • scaffolding floor panels
  • scaffold goats
  • additional scaffolding components
  • ladders

A brief description of the procedure for testing and certifying temporary building structures is given in the following table.

DSK testing and certification procedure
1 The customer applies for certification. On the other side of the application are listed the obligations that the certification for the users of the certificate. The customer also supplies the technical documentation for the product DOC icon Žádost o certifikaci
PDF icon Žádost o certifikaci
DOC icon Žádost o zkoušky
PDF icon Žádost o zkoušky
2 VÚBP, v. I. Will prepare a draft certification contract. The contract contains requirements for supplementation of documentation, delivery of samples, specification of tests, deadlines and prices.  
3 The customer has the opportunity to comment on the contract or to complete and sign the contract.  
4 The customer completes the documentation according to the requirements of the testing laboratory and supplies samples in the agreed scope. If agreed, they will pay a deposit for testing. Certification also requires a review of the production quality management system to demonstrate that the manufacturer is able to continuously maintain the quality of its products at a level that has been verified by certification. If the manufacturer has a quality management system certified according to the standards of the ISO 9000 series, he shall submit this certificate. Otherwise, the completed ‘Questionnaire – Declaration on the production and / or sale of the product’ must be included in the supplied documentation. In this declaration, the manufacturer (importer) shall indicate the methods of quality control and quality control. During certification, these facts will then be checked directly with the manufacturer. DOC icon Dotazník-prohlášení výrobce
PDF icon Dotazník-prohlášení výrobce
DOC icon Dotazník-prohlášení dovozce
icon Dotazník-prohlášení dovozce
5 VÚBP-ZL shall carry out the agreed tests and draw up a test report.  
6 The RIBM will examine the documentation and evaluate the test results in the final report.  
7 After payment, OSRI provides the customer with the test report and the final report. If the product meets the requirements of the standards applicable to the relevant DSK type, it will issue a certificate to the customer. The validity of the certificate is usually limited to 3 years, unless the product or the requirements of the standards are changed.  
8 On the basis of the technical documentation of the product, test report, final report and certificate, the manufacturer (importer) shall draw up his declaration of conformity. DOC icon Vzor prohlášení o shodě pro DSK

If you need more information, you can contact specialists in the field of temporary structures:

Ing. Marie Bukovská bukovska@vubp.cz
tel: 221 015 895
Ing. Karel Škréta skreta@vubp.cz tel: 221 015 827