Technical Standardization Committee No. 92 – Scaffolding

VÚBP, v. I is also the seat of Technical Standardization Commission No. 92 “Scaffolding”. On this commission’s page ( it is possible to obtain additional information on the issue of temporary building structures. These include:

  • activities of the TNK 92 commission,
  • an overview of standards applicable to temporary building structures in the Czech Republic,
  • information on upcoming European standards in this field,
  • certain documents of the European Commission CEN / TC 53, whose competence includes the development of standards for temporary building structures.

TNK 92
Here you can open the TNK 92 page


Some additional information about the scaffolding can be obtained, inter alia, at the following addresses: Lešení ALFIX Lešení EKRO Lešení HAKI Lešení Layher Lešení PERI Lešení SPRINT, BOSS Trubkové lešení Pojízdné lešení ALFEKO Pojízdné lešení ZARGES