The employer is obliged to create a safe and non-hazardous working environment and working conditions by following appropriate health and safety rules and by taking measures to prevent risks. The purpose of this legal obligation is primarily to prevent accidents at work and damage to the health of employees. To prevent these emergencies, employers need to take proactive measures, i.e. act preventively. However, some employers underestimate the benefits of these prevention measures because they assume that this will not happen to them, making it uneconomical for them to spend money on prevention.

The aim of the media campaign To save, bet on prevention is a simple way to tell employers that ensuring the health of their employees is not only their legal but also moral responsibility, and last but not least, if they prevent damage to the health of their employees, they will save considerable financial resources and significantly improve their image to the public as a company that values the health of its employees

Tisková zpráva – Zahájení kampaně CHCETE-LI UŠETŘIT, VSAĎTE NA PREVENCI

1 Smrtelné zranění při propadnutí střechou

2 Vážný pracovní úraz – rozdrcení ruky strojem

3 Smrtelný pracovní úraz – pád ze žebříku

4 Závažný pracovní úraz – zasažení manipulovaným břemenem

5 Závažný pracovní úraz – těžká devastace palce strojem