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Name:Analysis and evaluation of the current practical and legal status of the OSH area on construction sites in the Czech Republic with an emphasis on the performance of the OSH coordinator on the site with a comparison of the situation before and after amendment No. 88/2016 Coll. of Act No. 309/2006 Coll.
Project ID:V12-S4
Project ledaer:JUDr. Lenka Scheu, Ph.D.
Grant Provider:Ministerstvo práce a sociálních věcí
Co-Principal investigater:Právnická fakulta UK v Praze
Project leader-external:
Project start:01/2019
Project end:12/2020
Description:The aim of the research task is to carry out an up-to-date analysis and to verify the possible existence of problematic legal and practical moments during the activities of the OSH coordinator on the construction site and possible collisions and inconsistencies between OSH regulations and construction (or other technical) regulations. It must include an analysis of current Czech and European case law, which deals with the activities of the OSH coordinator on the construction site, assessing its impact on practice and the Czech legal environment. This analysis will include an evaluation of the effectiveness of the OSH Plan as a tool for coordinating OSH measures on construction sites, evaluating the benefits and costs of adhering to the Plan following amendment No. 88/2016 Coll. of Act No. 309/2006 Coll., with a suggestion of how possible problematic moments of the practical or legal nature could be solved. An important part will be the proposal of possible improvements of the current status of legislative and non-legislative nature so that the processes in the work of OSH coordinators on the construction site become more effective and the activities optimized with respect to the conclusions of the SUIP Annual Reports. This research task will be dealt with in cooperation with the Faculty of Law of Charles University in Prague.