Emergency conditions are usually closely linked to the crisis period that companies are facing and will face. A current example is the exposure of populations to emergency conditions due to a pandemic, which negatively affects the health of citizens and puts a strain on national economies.

During these periods, the priority need is to educate employers, who can significantly influence the occurrence and extent of exposure to risk factors in the workplace and their negative consequences for employees. Employers need to be made aware, by means of a media campaign, that prevention in the area of occupational health brings profits to their companies.

Pain, discomfort or reduced functionality in the back, neck or limbs are commonplace for employees today. These health problems are usually referred to as work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

Risks related to working postures, performing repetitive movements, taking unnatural positions or moving heavy loads in the workplace are risk factors that can lead to MSDs.

MSDs are the most common cause of incapacity for work in virtually all EU Member States. Sick leave due to MSDs usually lasts longer than sick leave for other health problems, costing employers and national economies billions of euros.

Musculoskeletal disorders usually do not have only one cause. It is often a combination of various risk factors including physical and biomechanical, organisational and psychosocial or individual factors.

For the above reasons, the media campaign for employers addresses the issue of ergonomics and musculoskeletal disorders in 2022.

Only a massive and targeted education of employers and employees in this area, outlining the importance of applying the principles and tenets of ergonomics in the workplace, can serve as an important preventive tool against the high financial costs that the national economy and employers have to incur to deal with the consequences associated with non-ergonomic work and workplaces.

The IF-YOU-WANT-TO-SAVE-BET-ON-ERGONOMY campaign was announced by the Occupational Safety Research Institute, under the auspices of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in cooperation with the Czech-Moravian Confederation of Trade Unions. The media partners are BOZPinfo.cz, BOZPprofi.cz and Wolters Kluwer ČR, a. s.

Tisková zpráva


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2 Pracovní stres (2. 5. 2022)

3 Digitalizace práce a muskuloskeletální poruchy (6. 6. 2022)

4 Prevence a řízení muskuloskeletálních poruch (5. 9. 2022)

5 Syndrom karpálního tunelu (3. 10. 2022)

6 Účast zaměstnanců a participativní ergonomie (7. 11. 2022)


PDF icon Ergonomie v praxi. Správná praxe pro malé a střední podniky (4. 4. 2022)

PDF icon I v práci správně sedět, správně stát – Praktická příručka pro bezpečnější pracovní prostředí (17. 5. 2022)

Research tasks on a given topic

Research into the key determinants of MSDs and lumbar spine problems, prevention and remedial options with a focus on ergonomic solutions in work systems

Prevention of musculoskeletal disorders due to load handling – safe load handling for a specific selected group of employees

Research of ergonomic aspects in the context of modern approaches and changes at the workplaces to prevent musculoskeletal diseases